Saturday, June 14, 2008

Columbus Junction levee breaks

ISU Extension in Louisa County reports that the levee in Columbus Junction has broken. Earlier this evening a levee near Oakville also broke.

Mandatory evacuation for Fredonia

Louisa County Sheriff's office reports a mandatory evacuation is in effect for Fredonia.

Reminder: Oakville also has a mandatory evacuation by Monday. (details in a post below)

Donations to Iowa City Red Cross

Donations to Iowa City Red Cross are requested to Shirley at 461-8079.

She is taking a trip up to Iowa City and is looking for:

-bottled water
-baby wipes

Donations still needed at armory

The Washington armory is housing soldiers from the 134th Medical, and other National Guard units from the area. The armory is across from the Washington Hy-vee.

These items are especially needed to be donated; drop them off any time of the day:
-ice (they need plenty)
-personal-sized hand sanitizer
-individual packaged snacks like granola bars (or other "grab and go" snacks)

Baked goods are not as useful as the items listed above.

Boat ban

Washington County Public Safety Center reports that there is a "boat ban." For safety reasons, no boats except DNR boats are wanted in the Highway 22 area.

Washington road closings update

The Washington County Engineer's Office announces the following roads are closed due to flooding:

* Nutmeg Ave and Poplar Blvd southeast of Kalona
Dogwood Ave at McKains Access northwest of Brighton
* 250th Street northeast of Ainsworth
* Willow Ave north of 130th Street east of Riverside
* Locust Street in the city of Coppock
* 130th Street east of old 218
* 150th Street near the Johnson-Washington County line

Residents encountering flooded roadways should turn around and not attempt to drive through water. Residents may contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 319-653-2107 if they encounter additional flooded roadways.

This is the County Secondary roads website for closed roads.

Columbus Junction facing major difficulties

The effort in Columbus Junction may not overcome the rising water. Volunteer Mary Wilson says they are at a turning point. The water is rising faster than they can handle, they are ceasing sandbagging operations.

They no longer want people to use the water in Columbus Junction, although it is not contaminated. Columbus City is having their water shut off.

Some people's homes will likely be abandoned to rising water, some may be seeking shelter. Wilson says that city leaders and officials are meeting to assess the next step.

Paws and More announcement

Paws and More in Washington needs kennels and litter boxes, they are taking in animals displaces by the flooding and you can call them at 653-4796

Hills needs volunteers

Residents of Hills ask for volunteers to help out as water levels rise and cause problems there.

Going to Illinois?

Here are some options the Louisa County Sheriff's office compiled, but keep in mind, river levels continue to rise, this information is subject to change.

Routes to Illinois.

Route to Illinois

Washington County Public Safety Center reports the best bet for getting to Illinois from Washington is going through Burlington.

Louisa County road update

All roads leading north and east of Columbus Junction, Wapello and Oakville are closed. That includes Highway 61, Highway 70 and County Road X-61, (which is Stewart Road), and all other secondary roads.

This situation could last many days and possibly more than a week according to the Louisa County Sheriff.