Saturday, May 30, 2009

Washington SWEEP

Washington community members gathered in Central Park yesterday (5/29) to celebrate the Centennial Fountain's 70th anniversary. Among those present were Sarah Morrison Miller. She witnessed the fountain being built in the late 30's. She says her father was part of the committee that spearheaded the project. Morrison Miller says today the fountain is just as beautiful, and has served as a centerpiece for Washington.

Grassley Flood Relief

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the federal government is committed to providing assistance to victim's of last year's flooding. The New Hartford Republican says they have a plan in place in case FEMA money runs out. Grassley's not worried about that happening. He says there is still money allocated for Iowa that has not been spent yet. To date Washington County has received nearly $254,000 in federal aid.

Loebsack Stimulus

Some school administrators have expressed concern over how Iowa is using federal stimulus money. The state is using the funds to back fill cuts made by the Iowa legislature this spring. Congressman Dave Loebsack says it's meant to preserve jobs until the economy turns around. Iowa is getting $54-million in economic recovery money. Loebsack says in education, most of that money is going to title-1 programs, special education and reduced cost lunches.


Washington County will continue to contract out certain mental health services to Southeast Iowa Case Management. Supervisors this week approved the new arrangement. Case Management Director Marcy Murphy says her agency acts as a sort of liaison. Her company provides services for 12 other counties in the region.

Kill A Watt

Washington County's Extension office is inviting area residents to see how much energy specific appliances in their homes use. The agency has partnered with the Iowa Energy Center to provide a meter that measures voltage, amperage, wattage, run time and total kilowatt-hours of electricity being consumed. The device works by plugging it in to any household outlet, and then plugging a 12 volt appliance into the meter. The extension has the devices for Washington County residents to check out free of charge for a one week period of time.

Family Wellness Carnival

Summer vacation is a time for fun in the sun and for families to take part in activities together. Bright Futures Chiropractic in Kalona is holding a Family Wellness Carnival today so that parents and kids can understand the importance a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Chris Grier says that the event will feature various games and activities as well as opportunities to learn about good health choices. Grier says the summer months provide the perfect time for families to begin a wellness routine that they can build on once school begins again.

MCC Sale

Mennonite Churches from all across southeast Iowa assembled at the Johnson County Fairgrounds for the annual MCC Sale. The event kicked off yesterday (5/29) with the opening of food, craft, and plant booths and continued with a marinated turkey or pork loin dinner. The two day event will also include live music as well as a quilt auction. Proceeds from the MCC Sale will go to support relief programs sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee.

Antique Show

On June 12, vendors from over eight states will be gathering in Kalona for the 6th annual Antique Show. Sponsored by the Kalona Historical Society, the show features items such as furniture, books, fine china, toys, jewelry, and more. Unique to this years show is a dealer on hand to buy your gold and silver and give you cash. The show will be held in the Kalona Historical Village and proceeds will go towards a new addition to the main building.