Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lt. Governor swings through Kalona

After swinging through Kalona Historical Village Tuesday, Lt. Governor Patty Judge says everyone should stop by for a visit. Judge has been touring eastern Iowa towns in an effort to promote local tourism and the heritage of Iowa. She says the Historical Village is a great glimpse of the areas Mennonite heritage and life 100 years ago. Judge says she only wishes she had more time to spend in the village and she advises all visitors to give themselves ample time for enjoyment.

Farmer protests land acquisition

A local farmer involved in a legal dispute with the city of Washington says he wants to sit down with councilors and settle things outside of a courtroom. The city is trying to obtain about 60 acres of land from John Berdo to relocate the municipal airport's runway. City attorney Craig Arbuckle says there is a legal process they must follow.

WCHC CEO: health coverage shouldn't be a problem

Just over two-thousand Washington County residents under the age of 65 are without health insurance according to the U-S Census Bureau. Washington County Hospital CEO Don Patterson says there are a wide array of options for the uninsured. He says that includes HAWK-I for kids, MEDICARE for seniors and a charity care program at the hospital for those in between. he Census Bureau report indicates nearly 11 percent of Iowans are without coverage.

VA Commissioner urges vets to sign up for benefits

Washington County's Veteran's Assistance Office is urging local men and women who've served in the armed forces to register for benefits. VA Commissioner Terry Phillips says even if you don't feel you need the benefits, it's still important to get your information in the system. Phillips says a lot of the paperwork involved in registering can be rather cumbersome. He says VA Director Sue Rich is well versed and can help veteran's fill it out. He's especially encouraging younger veterans to sign up.

WPD getting new radar devices

The Washington Police Department is getting some new radar devices for their marked patrol cars. Chief Greg Goodman says the old ones are in dire need of replacement. He also says the new ones are much more advanced. Goodman says the radars are being purchased with money from a federal stimulus grant. He says they are also getting new tactical and duty vests. In all, the department got a little more than $25,000.

Harking pushes medical device safety

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin is pushing legislation that would allow people injured by medical devices to seek damages against their manufacturer. Harkin says Last year, in Riegel v. Medtronic, Inc., the Supreme Court held that FDA approval of these medical devices essentially immunizes manufacturers from liability under state tort causes of action. He's advocating SR512, or the Medical Device Safety Act.

National Farmers Market Week

Washington's farmers market master is encouraging people to attend tonights market in recognition of National Farmers Market Week. Bob Shepherd says the Farmers Market is important because it celebrates local producers rather than large companies from far away. He says Muscatine is usually the farthest place from which they accept produce, but they still aim to keep the money and market local. The Market opens at 5:00 in Central Park

Johnson Co. looks to replace flood damaged armory

Johnson County is looking to replace a flood damaged National Guard building in Iowa City with funds from Gov. Culvers I-JOBS program. Facilities Manager David Kempf says since the floods of last June, the building has become unusable and dilapidated due to flood damage. He says its location near a main thoroughfare calls for a more appealing facility. Kempf says they want to replace the building with a parking lot and green area for public use. He says the total cost would be around $1.3 million, but the new space would be more welcoming and useable to residents.