Thursday, July 16, 2009

Washington teen drowns in Iowa River

A Washington teen is dead after drowning in the Iowa River near Columbus Junction yesterday. According to a press release from the Louisa County Sheriffs Office, 15 year old Clinton Fankhauser was swimming with friends in the river when he went missing underwater. Fankhauser was later found by Wapello and Columbus Junction Fire Departments. There will be grief counseling available to students at Washington Junior High today from 1-3 pm.

Council approves non union pay hikes

The city of Washington's non-union employees are getting a pay raise. Councilors voted 3-2 last night in favor of the hike. Mayor Sandra Johnson says it would be difficult not to offer some kind of increase. Non union employees making less than $40,000 per year will see a two percent increase, those making more than $40,000 will get a one percent raise.

Tall corn monument

A monument to the world's tallest corn stalk will be erected at the Washington County Fairgrounds this morning (7/16). In 1946 local farmer Don Radda captured the record at just over 31 feet. His daughter, Julie will be joined by a number of community supporters at the fairgrounds at 10:00 to set up a metallic replica of the monster corn stalk.

Thursday Night Live

Tonight's (7/16) Thursday Night Live activities in Downtown Washington will have a double feature. "Second Hand Toes" is described by the chamber of commerce as a group of "mature" ladies who love to tap dance. They'll tell the story of their dreams and goals. They'll be tapping to some old favorites. Gary McCurdy, also known as "The Tubador" will also be entertaining with his 100 year old tuba. The festivities kick off tonight with the farmer's market at 5:00 in Washington's Central Park. Entertainment begins at 6:30, with the municipal band on stage at 8:00.

Methodist Church to serve Iowa favorites

Two Iowa favorites are on the menu tonight (7/16) at the Methodist Church in Washington. Pork sandwiches, and a buffet of sweetcorn are being served from 4-7. Organizers say there will also be chips, bar desserts and drinks. Tickets are six dollars in advance or seven dollars at the door. For more information or to get advanced tickets call 653-5466.

Meditation seminar

If youve ever been interested in different treatments for stress-related illnesses, you may be a perfect candidate for transcendental meditation, or TM. Dr. Serena Grosswald, an expert on TM and ADHD will be in Washington today (7/16) to tell residents about the benefits of this effortless and highly beneficial treatment. She says meditation helps clear the mind and relax the patient. Grosswald says there has been nearly 27-million dollars in research of TM and the treatment is also highly beneficial for things like ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder. The meeting will be at the library at 7:00 pm tonight.

Earwigs, don't actually attack ears

Contrary to popular belief and the urban legend, one summer pest is more interested in your plants than your ears. ISU Extension insect clinician Laura Jesse says earwigs have begun their feast of southeast Iowas plants. Jesse says while there is probably no way to completely rid a yard of earwigs, there are still some methods of containing the bugs. She recommends placing boards or newspapers on the ground and daily collecting the earwigs that gather underneath. Jesse says insecticides should only be a last resort and advises avoiding flowers so as not to harm the helpful pollinating insects.

U of I Prof recalls Apollo 11

Today (7/16) marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission, the first to put a human being on a planetary body other than the earth. Stephen Spanlger is a professor of astronomy at the University of Iowa. He doubts there will be another event that captures the world's attention like the mission to the moon did. Spangler says he watched the Apollo 11 mission from his family farm in Henry County. He says interest in the space program has wained since the moon landing as the human race has become more people centered.