Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Washington Safety Center becomes Comm Center

The Washington County Safety Center is expanding, and getting a new name...sort of. Right now the emergency communications department is the only agency occupying the old sheriff's building, and there using only a fraction of the space. The board of supervisors yesterday approved allowing them to utilize other parts of the building and changing the name to the communications center. Supervisors say they are between a rock and a hard place because it seems wasteful to not use the space, but would cost too much to renovate. They also say it is too risky to interrupt 911 service with any major renovations.

Washington recorder will issue same sex marriage licenses

The first same sex marriage licenses can be issued next week in Iowa. Some groups opposed to gay marriage are offering to pay county recorders' legal expenses if they refuse to issue the licenses. Washington County Recorder Connie Pence says she's received no such offer, and will issue the the licenses, as required by law. Pence says they are still waiting on new forms that don't include the words bride and groom, but instead party A and party B. She says the appropriate paperwork for same sex marriage licenses are supposed to be at her office by Monday. 

Washington Farmer's Market

This spring's cold and wet weather is putting a damper on local gardening. Washington Farmer's Market Master Bob Shepherd says the selection at this year's first farmer's market could be a little slim. Shepherd expects a good showing of early spring produce. He says there's always a good selection of baked goods that aren't dependent on the weather. The first Washington Farmer's Market will be Thursday May 14 in Central Park.

Washington Recycling

Today is Earth Day. Some will plant a tree, others might try to conserve energy. Washington County Supervisor Jim Rosien says local residents need to keep recycling in mind. He says the materials the county collects aren't worth as much as they used to be, but its better to recycle rather than see trash accumulate in road ditches, or in a landfill. He urges anyone with recycling questions to contact the Washington Recycling Facility at 653-6373.

Wellman water system on schedule

The Wellman Water system is getting an upgrade. Wellman City Administrator Dave Ross says everything is going well and they are on schedule to have the new reverse osmosis system put in place. Ross says the contractor expects to have the new system up and running by this time next year.

Wellman city clean up

The City of Wellman will be holding their city wide clean up the second weekend of May. City Clerk Donna Wade says they are getting volunteers to man the collection site. Wade says residents still need to buy a ticket for 5 dollars and then they can take all the trash they want to the collection site. Again the clean up days will be Friday and Saturday May 8th and 9th in Wellman, for more information or to purchase a ticket contact the Wellman City Hall.

Avoiding scams

Avoiding online scams seems to be getting more difficult. Con artists are becoming more sophisticated, and technology makes it easier for them to be convincing. Bob Brammer, with the Iowa Attorney General's Office, says its best to err on the side of caution. Brammer says its best to never give out personal information such as social security or bank account numbers over the phone, or internet. He says if you feel you've been the victim of a scam, to contact his office.