Thursday, February 12, 2009

School Budget Cuts

The Washington Schools Interim Superintendent is advising the board cut $612,000 from the budget. The recommendation comes after the district went $63,000 over it's spending authority last fiscal year and in the midst of anticipated cuts coming from the state. Interim Superintendent Dave Sextro says going in they wanted to stay away from cutting teachers that had direct student contact. The district will have six early retirements at the end of this school year, under this proposal those positions would either not be filled or the anticipated salary would be lower. Also the custodial staff would be reduced and some services contracted out. Sextro has asked the board to act on the recommendation at their March board meeting.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Washington High School is hosting parent/teacher conferences this evening. The conferences will be held in the varsity gym. Parents can pick up their student's schedule and mid-term grade cards at the door. Parents are encouraged to visit with each teacher. The parent/teacher conferences will be from 4:30-8pm this evening in the high school gymnasium.

Washington County Riverboat Foundation Grants

Washington County Riverboat Foundation has posted application for their spring grants. Executive Director Jim Logan says they anticipate a large number of applications judging from their past experience. He urges first time applicants to refer to their website for guidelines as to what they are looking for and the actual application. He says they can only award grants to truly non-profit groups or governmental bodies. Applications will be due April 10th.

Work Release

Washington County intends to seek bids for work to complete the area of the jail that will house their work release program. The area was in the original design plans but the county held off including it in the actual construction because they wanted to make sure they were within the $5 million approved by voters. Sheriff Dunbar says the program allows inmates to serve jail time but leave during the day to go to work. Those inmates pay $50 a day in cash up front to be apart of the program and are checked up on during the day.

Mid Prairie Drama Performance

Mid-Prairie drama students are just back state competition and will be putting on a performance for the public. Mid Prairie Drama Director Tamara McClintock says she felt they did very well at the competition and they have decided to put on a show free for the public. McClintock says the production is tonight at 7pm at Mid Prairie High School.

Washington County Empowerment Board

The Washington County Empowerment Board is having their meeting Thursday, February 26th from 4:30-6:00pm at the Kalona Library. Washington County Empowerment Coordinator Tasha Beghtol, says empowerment is a statewide initiative that provides local funding for programs to benefit families with children as old as five. Again their meeting is on Thursday, February 26th from 4:30-6:00pm at the Kalona Library.

Keokuk Board of Supervisors

The Keokuk Board of Supervisors are looking at the budget for the next fiscal year. Supervisor Ernie Griener says the board spoke with Sheriff Jeff Shipley and the Keokuk County Highway Department about their budgets for the 2010 fiscal year. The board also spoke with County Recorder Melissa Bird and a S.T.I representative about remote access technology to improve services of the county offices.

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