Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U-S Representative Loebsack's visit

Iowa U-S Representative Dave Loebsack is visiting the Washington Community School District today. Interim Superintendent Dave Sextro says Congressman Loebsack will be in the district's central office from 10:00-11:30am. Sextro says Loebsack wants to discuss green schools and green construction. Loebsack is also interested in hearing from juniors or seniors wanting appointments to one of the military academies. Sextro says the public is welcome to attend Loebsack's visit.

Wellman fire under investigation

The investigation into a Wellman house fire continues. Friday evening's fire seriously damaged a home owned by Tim Hathaway. The fire fighters determined there was no one inside the house during the blaze, and there were no injuries as a result of the fire. The Washington County Safety Center says the Fire Marshall and the Wellman Fire Department are looking into the cause.

Washington County Supervisors

Washington County Supervisors will vote on going out to bid for the project to build the work release area of the county jail. The Supervisors meet at 9:30 this morning. The project at the jail was not included in the original construction because the county wanted to make sure they didn't go over the $5-million approved by voters. Supervisors will also discuss their funding level for the county recycling center. Finally they'll act on a board appointment to the land use and planning commission.

Law Enforcement Increase

The Washington County Board of Supervisors approved a 3 1/2 % increase in the amount cities in the county will pay the Sheriff's Office for contract law enforcement. Sheriff Dunbar says the cost of law enforcement to Kalona rose from just under $69,000 to just over $70,000. Sheriff Dunbar says the majority of the money goes to deputy salaries.

Unemployment Meeting

Workers unemployed because of the summer flood or current economic climate, can learn about services out there that can help. The Kirkwood Dislocated Worker Program is putting on an informative meeting tomorrow at the Washington County Fairgrounds in the new building. Attendees can find out what assistance is out there including some special assistance for those out of work because of the flood last summer. The meeting starts 9:00 am tomorrow morning.

Box Tops for Education

You can donate money using scissors. Stuart Media Specialist Kathleen Kishel says you can look on your cereal boxes or other items around the house for the Box Tops for Education labels from General Mills items. Kishel says they can be sent in and redeemed for ten cents for each label. Kishel says last October they sent in a batch and got a check in December for $900s. Kishel says she uses the money to replace worn books in Stewart's library. Just send your labels to the school with a student or drop them off.

Farm Bill Program

The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 contains a wide variety of legislation affecting everything from school lunches to milk checks. Keokuk County Extension Education Director Gary Bickmeier says new payment rules basically attribute USDA commodity payments to individual taxpayers, regardless of the number and nature of farm business they are involved in. An informative meeting on the Farm Bill Program for Keokuk County will be held February 26th beginning at 6:00 pm at the Expo Fairgrounds in Sigourney. Registration is not required but is encouraged in case of weather cancellations. For registration or further information contact the Keokuk County Extension Office at 641-622-2680.