Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teaching Career

The Iowa Board of Regents has approved a program that will make it easier for people to enter into a teaching career. The Teacher Intern License Program provides training for people with bachelor's degrees who want to get into teaching. Diana Gonzales works in the Board of Regent's office. She says This is program is not for recent college graduates, but rather a way to entice people who considered teaching, but went a different direction after college. To find out more visit the board's website.

Severe Weather

A round of severe thunderstorms tore through Washington County and much of southeast Iowa yesterday evening bringing strong winds, intense lightning and heavy rainfall. KCII received numerous reports of downed power lines and trees as well as damage to vehicles and and buildings. WeatherEye reports winds in excess of 70 miles per hour, while we recorded nearly in inch of rainfall in a little more than an hour's time at our downtown Washington Studio. The KCII Severe Weather Action Team went on the air at about four-thirty and concluded coverage at about 5:40.

REAP Funds

Washington's Economic Development Group is encouraging the city to seek Resource Enhancement and Protection money through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. WEDG Director Ed Raber says the state legislature this year appropriated a record amount of money for the program. He says the city could use the money on a number of projects including improvements at Water Tower Park.

Mid Prairie Meeting

The Mid Prairie School Board will be meeting on Monday for their regular session and headlining this weeks meeting is a discussion of FLAP grants. The Foreign Language Assistance Program is a federal 3-year grant given to schools to help advance kindergarten through high school foreign language classes and resources. Also on the agenda is a discussion on bread, milk, and gas bids, and maintenance of the elementary playground.

Kathy Ebert elected to the State Extension Board

Washington County's ISU Extension has a friend in high places. Kathy Ebert is the local Extension Board president. She was recently elected to the State Extension Board. Ebert says she's also serving as treasurer for the state board. She's one of 15 members who serve across the state. That could change as the Extension undergoes a restructuring. Ebert says the new system will create 20 regions, which might merit additional representatives.

Board of Supervisors Preview

Fourth of July is just a few weeks away, and it's evident by the Washington County Board of Supervisors' agenda. They'll consider eight fireworks permit requests at next week's meeting. They're also slated to renew agreements with Lending Hands, and the County Mini Bus. The supervisors are also expected to make additional appointments to the eminent domain commission and and sign off on architectural services for potential renovation of a building at Orchard Hill. The meeting starts Tuesday at 9:30.

West Nile Virus

Hot weather accompanied by rainfall can create a virtual mosquito paradise. Aside from the itchy bites, the insects can also leave the West Nile Virus with their victims. Iowa Department of Public Health Veterinarian Anne Garvey says that's why it's important to use insect repellent.Garvey says another way to avoid mosquitoes is to stay indoors during dusk and dawn. She says that's when they're most active. She also says mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, which is why it's important to change water in things like bird baths, pet dishes and wading pools every three days.

Riverside Memorial

Armed forces veterans who call Riverside home will be honored in a brand new memorial to be constructed in American Legion Park. The Riverside Veterans Memorial Park Committee co-chairperson Michelle Reuss says the monument will pay tribute to both past and present members of the armed forces. She says for the size of the town, Riverside boasts a large number of veterans and it is important for future generations to know the sacrifice and courage of its citizens.