Monday, June 8, 2009

Severe weather last night

A severe thunderstorm moved across Southeast Iowa late last night effecting parts of Washington County. The National Weather Service issued a warning at a little after 11:00 pm. KCII's Severe Weather Action Team was on the air until about midnight. There were reports of heavy rainfall and quarter sized hail. 

Preventing "cramming"

Utility bills can be confusing. Unfortunately some unethical companies know that and use it to "cram" their customers with extra charges. Iowa Telecom spokesman Dan Eness says that can happen when a third party gets involved. Eness says "cramming" isn't something his company participates in, but their customers can be mislead by people who say they represent Iowa Telecom. Eness also says if something looks awry on your phone bill to contact your phone provider and have them provide a detailed explanation of charges. 

DTV switch this week

The digital television switch happens this Friday. Tony Lipski at Archer Appliance and Electronics says even with a digital television, or a converter box connected to an older set, people might still have to make some adjustments. He says some stations might jump around on the spectrum, so on June 13 people who utilize broadcast signals should run the auto scan on their TV's. 

Washington Council considers renaming aquatic center

At least 700 people are passionate about renaming Washington's aquatic center after former YMCA swim coaches Milo and Maxine Steele. That's how many names were collected for a petition making the request. Former members of the "Green Toads" recently addressed the city council, and attested to the Steele's commitment to volunteerism and community service. The council is now considering renaming the aquatic facility the Washington-Steele Aquatic Center.

Halcyon House celebrates 50 years

The Halcyon House in Washington is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. The senior living center has expanded its programming and facility since was established in 1959. Executive Director Chris Marshal in the future they hope to allow more people to stay in their homes longer. Marshal says they'll recognize the facility's 50th year, with a ceremony on June 19 in the front lawn. She says the public is invited to hear a reflection on the past, and what the future holds for the Halcyon House. 

ACS honors cancer survivors

The American Cancer Society yesterday honored the nearly 11 million cancer survivors with National Cancer Survivors Day. The nationally-recognized commemoration honors cancer survivors across the country as well as the 110,000 survivors in Iowa. The American Cancer Society is a 3-million member grassroots organization that works to support patients and their families. The organization has fought to pass smoke-free laws, improve healthcare access, and raise money for cancer research.

Summer reading programs

With so many activities taking place this summer, the Kalona Public Library reminds you that one of the best activities is simply reading a book. Their Summer Reading program will be starting up tomorrow and the theme this year is Be Creative. Marissa Tartaglia with the library says the program will also incorporate music and art activities. She says the program has events and activities for all ages from kindergarten to teens. Information on the Be Creative Summer Reading Program can be found at 319-656-3501.